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Here you can find the words of students, parents, faculty and others talking about their experience with Early Entrance programs.  What appears in this section are the unedited words of people who have participated or known participants in one of the Early Entrance programs that have been identified.  Comments are evaluated before being made available, but it is not the policy of this site to censor opinions, and both positive and negative views will be represented. 

The best way to get a feeling for early entrance is through the words of those who know it best, so please enjoy what you find here.  If you have experiences in early entrance that you would like to share, then please take advantage of the testimonial submission form to tell your story.

The Testimonials have been grouped according to program:

9 Advanced Academy of Georgia
4 Bard High School Early College
3 Clarkson School Bridging Year
5 Early College at Guilford
8 Early Entry Program at CSULA
3 Early Honors Program
5 Georgia Academy of Mathematics, Engineering and Science
7 Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics and Computing
1 National Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering
34 Program for the Exceptionally Gifted
7 Simon's Rock College of Bard
6 Texas Academy for Leadership in the Humanities
8 Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science
4 Transition School and Early Entrance Program at UW
1 UW Academy for Young Scholars
(Programs not listed, currently have zero submitted comments)

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Random Testimonial

I see many others from my class have done this before, and I am happy to see that the majority of them have had a wonderful experience so far. Please note that although I do not plan to say anything detrimental to the program all of what I type here are my opinions. They come from one individual person, and I should not influence your decision to come to PEG all that much. It is a wonderful program but you need to decide what is right for you.

I enjoy PEG, it is a wonderful program, built to help gifted girls get ahead and become challenged. High school for me wasn't an option. Middle school was too much of a drag and there was no way I was going to consent to go to highschool. Plus my town wasn't exactly open minded, why spend money on the gifted program when the football team needs to get pizza every night of the week. Sorry if I sound bitter....But yes, high school was not going to meet my needs. Why should I allow myself to be shoved into a stuffy classroom forced to listen to a class ciricullum tailored to meet the needs of the SOL's that I had listened to the past four years? If there was a way out of that I sure as hell was going to take it. PEG offered that. They offered a chance to get out of the town and school system I was in and go to a real college and take real classes that mattered to me, that I was interested in, not that helped the school get funding. I mean isn't that what every smart girl wants??? I just wanted to be interested, to be engaged, to be happy with people like me, people who were my peers.

It was a shock to the community I was in, I got many a question of, "Well aren't you going to miss your PROM???". It saddened me that that was the most important thing to the people around me, and truth be told I didnt think that Prom was [... more]

- A happy PEG, Student (Class of 2006)
Program for the Exceptionally Gifted

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