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Here you can find the words of students, parents, faculty and others talking about their experience with Early Entrance programs.  What appears in this section are the unedited words of people who have participated or known participants in one of the Early Entrance programs that have been identified.  Comments are evaluated before being made available, but it is not the policy of this site to censor opinions, and both positive and negative views will be represented. 

The best way to get a feeling for early entrance is through the words of those who know it best, so please enjoy what you find here.  If you have experiences in early entrance that you would like to share, then please take advantage of the testimonial submission form to tell your story.

The Testimonials have been grouped according to program:

9 Advanced Academy of Georgia
4 Bard High School Early College
3 Clarkson School Bridging Year
5 Early College at Guilford
8 Early Entry Program at CSULA
3 Early Honors Program
5 Georgia Academy of Mathematics, Engineering and Science
7 Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics and Computing
1 National Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering
34 Program for the Exceptionally Gifted
7 Simon's Rock College of Bard
6 Texas Academy for Leadership in the Humanities
8 Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science
4 Transition School and Early Entrance Program at UW
1 UW Academy for Young Scholars
(Programs not listed, currently have zero submitted comments)

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Random Testimonial

I am a Transition School graduate going on to the Early Entrance Program next fall. The quality of instruction, academic challenge and social life that I experienced as a TS student were greater than anything I had encountered in public or private school. We were treated as independent scholars on certain projects such as the history research paper, but encouraged to ask for help at any time. Each week, in fact, students have a one-on-one tutorial with the instructors. Everything in TS is designed to build the appropriate skills in time-management, research, mathematics, note-taking, the ability to ask for help, etc., that I'm sure will help me excel, not just survive, at UW.

TS/EEP does require sacrifices of extra-curricular activities in the first year especially. During TS, a student can expect to have five hours of homework on a normal day. I found that keeping up violin, an instrument I had played for six years, very hard. However, if you are excited by the prospect of intense academics -- like I was -- you'll be surprised and pleased to learn that fellow students actually continue talking about issues discussed in class among themselves, and have fun with the schoolwork.

The biggest concern for me in applying for EEP, besides my long commute, was the sponsoring university. I had always planned to go to a small liberal-arts college and the size of the classes at UW intimidated me. However, as I learned to navigate the university during seminars in TS and be aggressive in tracking down professors, it seemed to shrink and finding smaller classes in the Honors program and within departments seemed much easier. Though prospective EEP applicants might have planned on attending a university like the one I had hoped to attend, I have found that, [... more]

- Emma, Student (Class of 2006)
Transition School and Early Entrance Program at UW

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