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Here you can find the words of students, parents, faculty and others talking about their experience with Early Entrance programs.  What appears in this section are the unedited words of people who have participated or known participants in one of the Early Entrance programs that have been identified.  Comments are evaluated before being made available, but it is not the policy of this site to censor opinions, and both positive and negative views will be represented. 

The best way to get a feeling for early entrance is through the words of those who know it best, so please enjoy what you find here.  If you have experiences in early entrance that you would like to share, then please take advantage of the testimonial submission form to tell your story.

The Testimonials have been grouped according to program:

9 Advanced Academy of Georgia
4 Bard High School Early College
3 Clarkson School Bridging Year
5 Early College at Guilford
8 Early Entry Program at CSULA
3 Early Honors Program
5 Georgia Academy of Mathematics, Engineering and Science
7 Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics and Computing
1 National Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering
34 Program for the Exceptionally Gifted
7 Simon's Rock College of Bard
6 Texas Academy for Leadership in the Humanities
8 Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science
4 Transition School and Early Entrance Program at UW
1 UW Academy for Young Scholars
(Programs not listed, currently have zero submitted comments)

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Random Testimonial

Having read these testimonials, I can say that a few are outdated and others are strictly incorrect. I will admit that the rules in the early days of TAMS were not very well though out and thus resulted in some outrageous requirements. But now, the TAMS handbook has been reconstructed every year (slight adjustments not in the later years) to accomodate issues that arose during the school year. The original draft of the current handbook was actually written by a TAMS graduating class. The rules reflect expectations that when followed, assist students in performing at the level each student should.

We are the brightest students in this state, and based on competitions we participate in, we are even among the brightest of the nation. TAMS receives awards beyond what other schools like TAMS achieve. For instance, this year we had four Goldwater scholars (a Univeristy award) at UNT, all of them were TAMS students, not to mention that UNT was the only school in the nation to have the maximum number of four scholars. TAMS consistently has the highest number of National Merit Finalists in the nation. This just goes to show that the problem is highly successful.

As a current student (14 days away from graduation) I can say that TAMS has by far been the best experience of my life. Their have been down points, this is not a utopia, but I feel that almost every student here would say that the good certainly outweighs the bad. To parents that feel that TAMS might "ruin" their child, calm down. This program works to build your child as a person, not tear them down. The counseling that is advertised, is present, strongly. It is not forced however, if a student has a problem that requires counseling, it does take some effort on their part to deal [... more]

- Benjamin Jones, Student (Class of 2006)
Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science

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